How To Activate Office 2010 For Free Full Guide

How to Activate Office 2010 for free

If you are an “old is gold” kind of person and loves the old version of Microsoft Office such as Office 2010. So, the first problem that you will face when you use Office 2010 is the activation of this software. To activate this you will need a premium serial number, and they are super costly for some users. So, what should you do then? How can you activate your Office 2010 without a product key?

Let, me tell you what you can do in this situation. The best way to get activated Office 2010 is by using an activator called as KMSpico which can activate the Office for free. You just have to do a simple procedure and as a result you will get activated Office 2010.

Therefore, in this post I will teach you exactly how you can use KMSpico for free of cost activation of Microsoft Office 2010. Just read this post till the end and you will have all the information about free activation of Office 2010. Also, if you are using Windows OS and it is not activated then go through our tutorials about how you can Activate Windows for free.

Download KMSpico Office 2010 Activator

As the activation is done through an activator, so it is a required step that we download it. Before, downloading any activator software it is vital that you use a secure and trust-worthy website which is also free from all kinds of viruses.

The best platform for downloading KMSpico is the, this site is the source of Official KMSpico activator. Furthermore, this website is also free from all kinds of viruses and ads. So, if you want to download KMSpico, I would recommend you to use

If you don’t have KMSpico,

you can download it from here

Turning Off the Windows Defender

Windows Defender protects the PC from all kinds of viruses and unknown threats. In case of KMSpico, as it is an unregistered activator therefore it is considered as threat to Windows OS and the Windows Defender will delete it. Therefore, it is a recommended to you to disable your Windows Defender before installing KMSpico (Windows and Office Activator).

If you don’t know how you can disable your Windows Defender, then don’t worry as I will also tell you that. To turn off your PC’s Windows Defender just follow the given steps:

  • First of all you have to open the setting of your PC.
  • Go to Privacy & Security > Windows Security > Viruses & Threat Protection > Manage Settings (Under Viruses & Threat Protection Settings).
  • Now, you have to disable the real-time protection and this will stop Windows Defender from taking auto-action against unknown threats.

Also, remember that these steps for turning off the Windows Defender are different from Windows to Windows. Therefore, you can check them on Google for a better understanding.

Install KMSpico

After getting rid of the Windows Defender, you can install the KMSpico without any problem of it being deleted by the Windows Defender. To Install it you first have to extract its setup from the Downloaded RAR file. After extracting the downloaded file you will get two kinds of file. One is a exe setup of KMSpico and the other is a text file labelled as readme. Furthermore, the readme contains the password to the exe setup.

Now, to install it you will have to run the exe file as the administrator (you can do this by right clicking on the exe file and selecting “run as an administrator”). After that all you have to do is to follow the installation wizard and the KMSpico will be installed on your device.

Activate Office 2010

After successful installation of the KMSpico all that remains is the activation of your desired Microsoft product. And for this just run the KMSpico activator as the administrator (you can do this by right clicking on the exe file and selecting “run as an administrator”). After running the application look for button that says ”Activate Office”. Just press that button and KMSpico will start activating the Office 2010. After a few second you will receive a notification saying “Office Activated”.

Restart your Device

Now, after activating your Office 2010 you have to restart your Device (computer, laptop, etc). Restarting your PC will help you check whether the KMSpico has properly activated your Office or not. If after restarting if your Office 2010 is still activated then that mean it is a conform success for KMSpico. But, after restarting if your Office 2010 is not activated then it means that you may have gone wrong somewhere during the process.

Re-Enabling the Windows Defender

Now, after the activation of your Office 2010 you can turn the Windows Defender back on. This step is also important as it maintains the security and privacy of your computer. Furthermore, to re-enable the Windows Defender just follow the steps that you did for turning it off.

You have successfully completed all the steps for the activation of Office 2010. To explore your options further, we have a dedicated guide on “activating Office 2013 for free“, which can be a seamless transition from Office 2010.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, here are some FAQs about KMSpico & Office 2010 activation:

Is KMSpico Office 2010 Virus?

KMSpico is basically an activator used to activate Windows and Office. Furthermore, it is not a virus.

Can I uninstall KMSpico after activating the Office 2010?

Yes, you can uninstall the KMSpico after activating your MS Office 2010.

Is KMSpico Office 2010 legal?

Only if you use it for testing and educational purposes it is somehow considered legal.

The Bottom Line

In this post, I have taught you how you can activate your Office 2010 for free with the help of a activator program called as the KMSpico. Furthermore, it is a user friendly activator and all the steps that you need to perform to activate the Office 2010 are already discussed in the post.

Moreover, I have also answered some of the FAQs about KMSpico Office 2010. I hope that you now know all about the KMSpico activator and how you can use it to activate Microsoft Products. Your Office is now activated for free. If you’re also using Microsoft Windows, explore our guide on “how to activate Windows 7 without any costs“.

Also, if you have any question, you can ask them in the comment section or you can contact me HERE.

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