How To Activate Office 2007 For Free Complete Guide

How to Activate Office 2007 for free

Are you using Microsoft Office 2007 because of the nostalgic interface? But you cannot afford to buy the premium activation serial. Just to solve this problem of yours, today I have brought you a free way which you can use to activate your Office 2007.

We are going to use a software called as the KMSpico activator. This is a free activation software which is used to activate the products of Microsoft. This software has a very simple interface and you can activate your Office in just few steps.

So, let me help you by teaching you how you can download KMSpico and use it to activate your Office 2007. Therefore, just read my post till the end and you yourself can activate your MS Office 2007. However, if you also using Microsoft Windows, then we also covered the detailed guide about how you can “Activate Windows For Free“.

STEP-1: Download KMSpico Office 2007 Activator

To activate Office 2007 using KMSpico, first you will need to download it. Make sure to download it from a trust worthy and reliable source such as the This is my own site and I assure you that it is 100% secure. You can download the KMSpico activator form here without any tension of virus and data leaking threats.

If you don’t have KMSpico,

you can download it from here

STEP-2: Disable Windows Defender

In the step 2 you have to turn off the real time protection of the Windows Defender. This step is a vey important step, because if your Defender is active then it can consider KMSPico as threat and can stop it from installing and activating Windows. This happen because KMSpico is not a registered software and it flagged as virus by the Windows Defender. Disabling your Windows Defender will allow you to activate your Office 2007 without any disturbance.

STEP-3: Install KMSpico

After getting rid of the Windows Defender real-time protection now it is time to install KMSpico. For the installation of KMSpico follow the steps given below:

  • Extract the RAR file that you have downloaded from
  • After extracting you will have a KMSpico setup file and a readme text document.
  • After that, you will have to install the exe setup file, but to install it you will need a password. And the password for this setup is given in the readme text file.
  • Enter that password and the installation will begin shortly.

STEP-4: Activate Office 2007

After the installation of KMSpico, what remains is the activation of your Office 2007. The activation process is very simple and all you have to do is to just follow these steps:

  • Start the KMSpico activator by right clicking on it and running it as an administrator.
  • After opening it look for a red colored button that says “Activate Office”.
  • Press that button and KMSpico will run its magic in the background.
  • After a few moments you will receive a notification confirming the activation of the Office 2007.

Now this here completes the activation of Office 2007. But you have to perform two other steps to ensure the activation and to maintain the security of your Windows.

STEP-5: Restart

After activating your Office 2007, restart your computer to double check that your Office is completely activated or not. If after restarting your office is active then you have succeeded, if not then you may have made a mistake.

STEP-6: Re-enabling the Windows Defender

After successful activation of your Office 2007 it is a necessary step to turn on your Windows Defender. Windows Defender will protect your devices from all kinds of viruses. This will also maintain your Windows security.

This here completes your activation but in the world of Office, change is constant. If you’re considering an upgrade to Office 2010, our article on “free activation of Office 2010” is a valuable resource to guide you forward.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, here are some FAQs about KMSpico & Office 2007 activation:

Is KMSpico Office 2007 virus?

No, it just an activator of MS Office 2007 and not a virus.

Is KMSpico Office 2007 legal?

It is legal only if you use it for testing and educational purposes, but if you use it for other purposes it is a violation of Microsoft’s rights.

Can I Uninstall KMSpico after activating Office 2007?

Uninstalling the KMSpico after the activation of Office 2007 will not affect your Office activation.

The Bottom Line

In this article, I have taught you a free way to activate your Office 2007 by using KMSpico. I have explained to you all the steps that are necessary for Office activation. Furthermore, I have also answered some frequently asked questions just for your convenience. Furthermore, if you’re using other versions of Office, then check out our guide on how to activate them (Office) spending a dime.

But, if you want to ask any other questions related to this post then you can either comment it or you can contact me HERE.


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