How To Activate Office 365 Complete Guide (180 Days Activation)

How to Activate Office 365 for free

Are you using the latest Microsoft cloud based Office 365 and your subscription is expired or you cannot buy its subscription and want to activate it for free by some means. Then the best means to do this is by using the KMSpico activator.

This activation tool is best for the free activation of Microsoft products including Windows, Office and even Office 365. This tool is a user-friendly free Windows and Office activator.

What is KMSpico and How does it Activate Office 365?

KMSpico is basically a software tool that plays the role of an activator, which has the capability to activate almost all products of Microsoft. It is considered as the most popular activator tool and people also calls it as “KMSPICO” or “KMS Pico”. This software has billions of users all over the world and they use this activator for activating their Office Suite and Windows. Furthermore, The KMSpico can also activate Office 365.

The working of the KMSpico is quite fascinating and it basically uses a key management server principle to activate the Windows and Office of people using it. What it does, is that it changes the license of the user’s to a “Volume License” and generate a KMS key for it. In the case of Office 365, it generates random keys and use them for activating it. Thus, activating the Office. Furthermore, as the key is generated by the fake KMS therefore it allows activation for almost 180 days. Moreover, if you wish for free activation of other versions of Microsoft Office for a lifetime then checkout my website, as it is complete guide for activating all versions of Windows and Office for free.

Now if you want to activate your Office 365 you have to follow a simple procedure. All the steps of this procedure is given below:

Download KMSpico Office 365

The first requirement for the free activation of Office 365 is the “KMSpico” Office Activator. Therefore, download it form a trusted website which is also secure and virus free. If you want such website then is a good choice as it a reliable and 100% secure source of KMSpico download.

Moreover, it also the Official KMSpico website, which make it the number 1 platform for downloading KMSpico without the tension of any kind of malware or virus.

If you don’t have KMSpico,

you can download it form here

Temporarily Disable Windows Defender

Windows Defender is the built-in feature of Windows which protect the system from all kinds of viruses and threats. As the KMSpico is not a registered software therefore, the Windows Defender might think that it is a threat to its system. So, it is a best option to temporarily disable your Windows Defender for the proper installation of KSMpico.

To disable Windows Defender follow the given steps:

  • Open start menu and click on the setting options.
  • From settings go to Privacy & Security and after from there select Windows Security.
  • Now, open Virus & Threat Protection and you will see a option of manage setting under the virus & threat protection setting, click this option of manage setting.
  • Now, form here you have turn off the real time protection and your Windows Defender is disabled.

Install KMSpico

After disabling the Windows Defender, now you can install KMSpico without any problem. To install KMSpico properly just installed the steps given below:

  • Extract the downloaded KMSpico setup RAR file.
  • After extracting it run the setup file of KMSpico as administrator (to do this right-click on it and select run as administrator)
  • The setup will ask for a password before initiating and the password is given in the readme text file which is already present in the extracted files.
  • After entering the password just follow the installation wizard and KMSpico will be installed shortly.

Activate Office 365

Now, when you have installed the KMSpico Office 365 Activator, all that remains is the activation of this product. However, this Microsoft product is a cloud based office and has monthly and yearly subscriptions. KMSpico will activate your Office 365 for 180 days for free.

Furthermore, to activate Office 365 all you are required to do is to open the KMSpico software and look for an Office Activation button. Press this button and KMSpico will activate your Office 365 within a few moments. Also, in a few seconds, you will also receive a notification saying that “Office Activated”.

Remember, before doing this you need a free subscription of the Office 365, otherwise this method won’t work. Furthermore, the premium subscription will remain for 180 days and after that, it will stop working. Now, if you don’t like Office 365 and still want to use Office 2019 then try reading my post about “Free Activation of Office 2019“.

Restarting Your Device

Now, after successfully activating Office 365 it is a good practice to restart your Device. This specific step will confirm the activation of your MS Office 365. Moreover, if after restarting your device your Office is not activated then retry once again. There are high chances that you may have done something wrong!

Re-Enabling Windows Defender

At last, you have re-enable the Windows Defender that you turned off previously. Doing this is extremely important as the Windows Defender safeguards your PC from all viruses and all kinds of threats.

Now, this is the completion of the Office 365 activation process, if your Windows is not activated as well then take a look at free ways to activate Windows.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, here are some FAQs about KMSpico & Office 365 activation:

Is KMSpico Office 365 Virus?

Absolutely not! It is just an Office 365 Activator which activate your premium subscription and let you use all the feature for free.

Does KMSpico Office 365 activate my yearly subscription?

No, it only activates Office 365 for 180 days.

Can I uninstall KMSpico Office 365 after the activation?

Yes, you can uninstall KMSpico after the activation of Office 365.

Is KMSpico Office 365 Legal?

Only, if used for testing and educational purposes it is somehow considered as legal. Otherwise, it is a violation of Microsoft policies.

The Bottom Line

In this post, I have taught you can activate/renew your subscription of Office 365 for free with the help of KMSpico activator. Also, all the steps that you have to perform in order to activate your Office 365 are clearly explained in this post. Furthermore, at the end of this post, I have also answered some FAQs about the KMSpico Office 365 activator.

And after this I hope that you don’t have any questions, but if you have any then make sure to ask them in comments section or you can contact me HERE.

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