Hello and welcome to the FAQ section of the KMSpico presented to you by the official website of KMSpico (kmspicodownload.site). Here I am going to answer all the technical, non-technical, logical, no-logical and even common questions related to the tool.

KMS Pico is a really famous and one of the most used software tool, therefore, it has a lot of questions. But, to make it easy for you I have answered all of them here just for you.

If you also have a question about KMSpico you can send me your query through the contact us page, and I will try to answer it as soon as possible. I will also publish them here.

What is Official KMSPico?

Official KMSPico refers to the official website or the official source to download KMSpico. A lot of websites claim to be the official source/website. But, they are not this kmspicodownload.site is the only official site. They have just spammed keywords and repeated content to rank on Google.
Therefore, we are the only official site as we do not spam any keywords or repeat any information. It is a great thing to know and download from the official website or the source of KMSpico. Moreover, the official KMSpico (kmspicodownload.site) is safest and genuine source.

Is KMSPico legit?

Yes, KMSpico is a legit tool as it can activate your Windows or Office for free. Moreover, if you are talking about the genuineness of the tool, there are some rumors about it being a virus. However, it is not proved completely. But, I can assure you that our KMSpico is free from all kind of malware and virus.

How do I activate Windows with KMSpico?

The activation of Windows using KMSpico is very easy and simple as it provides an easy UI. Moreover, if you want to activate your windows you can do this by following the given steps.
1. Turn-off Windows Defender.
2. Download KMSpico from kmspicodownload.site.
3. Install it.
4. Run it.
5. Activate your Windows.
6. Restart you PC.
7. Turn-on Windows Defender.

Should I uninstall KMSpico?

If you have activated Windows or Office using KMSPico, then uninstalling it will also end the activation and will start the trial version. But, if you still really want to uninstall it you can easily uninstall it from the settings of your PC.
Therefore, it is best to keep the tool installed on your computer to keep it activated.

Is KMSpico dangerous?

It depends on the source of downloading, if you downloaded it form an unknown site, then there can be a chance that it has virus. But, if you download it from kmspicodownload.site then you can use it without any tension.
Furthermore, I myself have tested it many times and have activated my own Windows and Office using it. However, it may be marked as a virus or threat by an antivirus/Windows Defender. It is because it is not registered by Microsoft.

Is KMSpico Safe 2023?

Yeah! It is a probably the safest mean of activating Microsoft Products for free. But, make sure that you download it from the official source (kmspicodownload.site). Otherwise, it might be not be as secure as mine KMSpico.

Does Windows 10 have KMSPico?

Yes, Windows 10 can be activated using KMSpico. Also, all the other versions of the Windows and Office can be activated using this tool.

What is the best Windows 10 activator?

KMSpico is the best Windows 10 Activator. As it is really easy to use and can activate your Windows with just one click.
Besides this, there are a number of other activators such as KMSauto net, Microsoft Toolkit and Windows Loader.

How do I activate Windows without a product key?

If you don’t have a product key then you can use KMSpico to activate you Windows. As it use the key management server to activate Windows.

What happens if we uninstall KMSpico? / Can I delete KMSpico after activation?

If you uninstall KMSpico then there is a possibility of your Windows going back to trial version. But in most cases, uninstalling it will not affect your Windows Activation.

Will there be an update for Windows activated by KMSpico?

Yes, Windows activated through KMSpico will be able to receive and update.

Is using KMS legal?

Yes, KMS is 100% legal and is officially supported by Microsoft itself.
You can purchase them from them the official website of Microsoft.

How safe is the KMS activator?

The safety of KMS activator depends on the source from where it is downloaded. If you download it form my site then I can assure you that it is 100% safe. But, if you download it from somewhere else, there is no guarantee about its safety.

Where can I download KMSPico is there a genuine site?

Yes, there is a genuine website for downloading the KMSpico which is the kmspicodownload.site. This website is my site and it is official and genuine platform for downloading KMSpico.

What is the latest KMSPico?

The latest version of the KMSpico is 10.2.0 and any website giving you version greater then this is fake site.

What is Portable KMSPico?

KMSpico Portable is the portable version of the KMSpico meaning it can carried in a USB drive and can still activate your Windows or Office.

What happens if I don’t activate Windows?

If you don’t activate your Windows you will occasionally receive a notifications saying that the “Windows isn’t activated/Activate Windows now”.
Other than this you can fully access some of the customization features such as theme, lock screen wallpaper, etc.

How do I get rid of the KMSPico virus?

First of all, if you download KMSpico from our site then you are free from all kind of virus, but if you download it from anywhere else then there might be a virus in it.
If you want to get rid of the entire antivirus from KMSpico you just have to uninstall the KMSpico and install a trusted antivirus and run it.

How To Uninstall KMSpico?

You can uninstall KMSpico by opening the setting of your computer and going to the apps/programs section. From there select KMSpico and uninstall it from there.

Why is KMSPico not working?

If your KMSpico is not working then it is probably because your Windows defender’s real-time protection is on. You have to temporarily disable it, for the KMSpico to work properly.

Can KMSPico activate Windows 10 Pro?

Yes, KMSpico can activate Windows 10 Pro and also all the other versions of Windows and Office.

How do I use the KMS activator?

Using KMSpico is really easy just download it form kmspicodownload.site and install it. Run the tool and click the red button and after a few moment your Windows will be activated.
Note: Make sure to disable any antivirus program active on your computer.

How can I activate my Microsoft Office 2019 for free?

You can activate your Microsoft Office 2019 by using KMSpico Office activator. It will activate your Office for free.

Can I get Office 365 for free using KMSpico?

Absolutely, you can get Office 365 for free if you use KMSpico. But, it will only be activated for 180 Days. Furthermore, if you want to know how you can do it then check:
How To Activate Office 365 For Free (180 Days Activation)

Is KMSPico activation permanent?

Yes, if KMSPico activation is permanent and lifetime activation.

Does KMSPico break into the operating system?

No, it is a simple activation tool that activates your Windows for free.

Why the smart screen turn gray after installing KMSPico?

If your screen turns gray after installing KMSPico you should try to enable the smart screen from the reg file inside the script folder.

Why Anti Virus alarms when installing KMSPico?

The antivirus Alarm is because KMSpico is an activator that illegally activates Windows and therefore, the Microsoft companies pay antivirus programs to flag these kinds of software as threat and virus. Other than this it is completely safe.

How to stop the Windows firewall from deleting KMSPico?

You have to add KMSpico to the exception section of the Windows firewall so it does not delete it.

KMS Pico is not activating Windows?

KMS Pico is not Try to uninstall and re-install KMSpico and it will work again.Windows?

Where are the log files of KMS Pico?

The log files of KMSpico are located at Program Files > KMSpico > logs.

What is KMS Pico Portable?

KMSpico is the portable version of the KMSPico activator and it same as the KMSPico but it operated from a portable USB drive.

Can I Delete KMSpico After Activation of Windows?

YES, you can. But sometimes there are chances of your Windows going back to the trial version of Windows.

Do I need an Internet connection to Run the Activator?

No, you do not need an Internet connection to run the activator. It is an offline tool.

Is it permanent or my Windows will automatically deactivate after some time?

It is permanent activation and your Windows is activated for lifetime.

What is kmspico_setup.exe?

It is the executable file of the KMSpico.

Where to download Official KMSPico?

You can download KMSpico from kmspicodownload.site which is the official and genuine source.

Should I use KMSpico or the official license for activation?

Well, if you can afford the official license for the Windows you can use it but if you free alternative use KMSpico.

Furthermore, if you have any other questions you can ask them in the comment section or you can also Contact me HERE.