How to Activate Windows 7 for Free 2024 (Permanently)

How to Activate Windows 7 for free

Looking for a free way to activate your Windows 7 permanently? Then the best way to do this is by using KMSpico.

Nowadays, Windows 7 is not used that much, but still is used at old game stations to play old games and to perform a number of other tasks. People, often overlook the process of activation of Windows, because they think it doesn’t matter.

The fact is activating your Windows is really important if you want to use all the features of the Windows.

Therefore, in this article I will tell you step by step how you can activate your Windows 7 using the famous activation tool called as KMSpico. But, before starting also know that if you are using MS Office and it is not activated then read our guides about how you can activate Office for free. Without any further wait let’s start our tutorial:

1. Disable Windows Defender/Antivirus Software

Before using the KMSpico make sure to turn off the Windows Defender or any other antivirus software (if running). This is done because antivirus programs can interfere with the activation process. Therefore, disabling the antivirus program can ensure perfect activation of Windows.

2. Download KMSpico

The second step is to go the website and download the latest version of KMSpico. I have asked you to download it from because it is a safe, trusted and reliable source.

If you don’t have KMSpico,

you can download it from here

3. Install KMSpico

Run the kmspico.exe that you have downloaded from and initiate the installation process. However, during the installation, a popup may appear giving you a warning that the tool is from an unknown source. This is because this tool is not recognized by Microsoft. Moreover, just click “allow install” and install it completely.

4. Activate Windows 7

You have disabled your antivirus, and have downloaded and installed KMSPico now what remains is the activation of your Windows 7. To do this all you have to do is to follow the given steps:

  • Start KMSpico from your desktop shortcut or from its original location.
  • When you have started the KMSpico, all you have to do is just click on the red button and your desired product will be updated automatically. You don’t need to select your desired product as we have integrated the tool to automatically detect products with missing licenses and activate them.
  • Now, when you have pressed the red button it will take some time for the activation process to complete.
  • When the activation process is complete you will receive a message saying that your Windows 7 is now active.

5. Restart/Reboot

In order to make sure that the activation process is complete just restart your computer.

6. Re-enable Windows Defender/Antivirus Software

Now, when you have activated your Windows 7, it is a good thing to turn on the Windows Defender or activate the previously running antivirus software. This is to make sure that your PC stays safe from all kinds of malware or virus.

Now, all the process for the activation of Windows 7 is complete. Also, I would love to inform you that if you want to upgrade to Windows 8 then check our article about “How you can activate Windows 8 for free

How to Confirm that your Windows 7 is Activated

You have successfully activated your Windows 7 using KMSpico tool, but you may want to confirm it for surety. Therefore, to check this just go to start menu from their open control panel and go to system and security. Once, you have opened the system and security click on the system. There at the end of the page you can check whether your Windows is activated or not.

Frequently Asked Questions

Well, to make it more convenient here are some frequently asked question related to KMSpico Windows 7:

Is Windows 7 activation free?

No, the Windows activation is not free you have to buy a premium license from the Microsoft. But, you can also activate it for FREE using KMSpico.

Is KMSPico Windows 7 a virus?

No, KMSpico Windows 7 is activator software for Windows 7 and is not a virus.

Can KMSPico activate Windows 7?

Yes, KMSpico can activate Windows 7. And the complete process is very easy and also free.

How do I permanently fix Windows 7 is not genuine?

You can fix this error by going to the start menu and from there open the CMD panel and type “SLMGR –REARM” and press enter. After this restart your PC.

Is KMSPico Windows 7 illegal?

Yes, KMSpico Windows 7 is illegal and is just only for testing the true potential of Windows 7 or just for educational purposes.

The Bottom Line

After reading this article you now know how to activate your Windows 7 using KMSpico. As, I have explained in detail the complete process of activating Windows 7. I have also answered some well known FAQs. Therefore, I hope that you don’t have any questions.

But, if you still have a problem or questions feel free to comment it down or you can also contact me HERE.


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