How To Activate Office 2021 Complete Guide 2024

How to Activate Office 2021 for free

Utilizing the latest version of Microsoft Office which is the Office 2021, but you are limited and cannot access all its premium features, because it is not activated. Now, to activate Office 2021 you will need to buy a 25-character alphanumeric code and the cost of this license key is almost 150 US Dollars (149.99$). Now, this is a really costly and not all people can afford such a expensive purchase. Therefore, all the people who cannot afford to buy the premium license look for a free way to activate Office 2010.

The best way to activate the Office 2021 for free is by using an activator program called as the “KMSpico Activator”. This program is the best for the activation of all kinds of Microsoft Products ranging from Office to Windows. Also, if your Windows is not activated as well then you can check my detailed guide about activating Windows for free.

Moreover, there is a proper process that you have to follow if you want to activate your Office 2021 using the KMSpico. Therefore, today I will clearly guide you through all the processes and steps that you have to perform in order to activate your Office. So, without any further wait let me teach you how you can do all this.

Step (1) Download KMSpico Office 2021 Activator

The first thing that is required for the activation of Office 2021 is to download KMSpico. Before, downloading KMSpico make sure that the website that you have selected for KMSpico download is safe and reliable.

The best website that I would recommend for downloading the Official KMSpico is Furthermore, this website is a reliable and secure place for you to download KMSpico. Just open the website and you will see a download button at the front page under the overview of KMSpico, click on it. After clicking on it you will be redirected to another page and from there you can download the activator without any problem.

If you don’t have KMSpico,

you can download it from here

Step (2) Disable the Windows Defender

The next step involves the turning off of the Windows Defender, this step ensures that the Windows Defender does not delete your KMSpico activator. The Defender will flag the activator program as a threat to your Windows because it is not a registered software.

Furthermore, to disable the Windows Defender on your Device follow the steps present below:

First of all go the start menu of your Windows and open the setting of your PC.

After opening setting look for Update & Security and open it.

From there select Windows Security.

Now, open Virus & Threat Protection.

Click on manage settings given under the virus & threat protection settings.

And from there disable the real-time protection by clicking on the switch.

That’s it, you have disabled the Windows Defender of your PC.

Step (3) Install the Official KMSpico Activator

After moving the protection of Windows Defender from our way it is now time to install the Official KMSpico Activator. To install it, first you have to extract the downloaded RAR file that you previously downloaded from After extracting the RAR file you will end up with two files, out of which one is the setup of KMSpico. And the other is a text file that is labelled as “readme”’; moreover, this text file contains the password to the exe setup.

Now, to properly install it on your PC follow the below given steps:

Right click on the exe setup of KMSpico and select run as an administrator.

After initiating, it will ask for password which is present in the readme text file.

Copy and paste the password and proceed by following the installation wizard.

Now, click on intall and after a few second you will have the KMSpico Activator installed on your PC.

Step (4) Install the Official KMSpico Activator

Now, after the successful installation all that is left to do is the activation of Office 2021. To activate your Office 2021 run the kmspico application as the administrator. After it has been initiated just look for a button that says “Activate Office”. Now, press that button and the KMSpico will start performing its activation process. Just after a few moments you will receive a notification that says “Office Activated”.

This step here marks the activation of your Office 2021, but for further confirmation, you have to perform two safety precaution steps.

Safety Precautions

Now, here are two safety precautions that can help you in making sure that your Windows is activated and there is no error.

Restarting Your Device

Afte activating your Windows it is recommended for you to restart your Device (computer, laptop, etc). This step here let you confirm that your Microsoft product is activated properly and that there is no error.

If after restarting your device your Office is not activated or your Office is not working then there are high chances that you may have done something wrong. To solve this you have to once again execute the complete process.

Turning the Defender Back on

After the successful and complete activation of your Office 2021, you are now free to re-enable your Windows Defender. It will play a crucial role in protecting your system from virus and at the same time it will help you maintain the integrity of your device. Therefore, it is a necessary step to re-enable your Windows Defender after activating your Office or Windows.

Now, if you are not enjoying the features of Office 2021 and want to shift back to Office 2019 activate it for free as well. Then try reading this detailed post for the activation of Office 2019 for free.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some FAQs related to the KMSpico Office 2021:

Is KMSpico Office 2021 virus?

KMSpico Office 2021 is an activator of Office 2021 and it is not a virus.

Can I uninstall KMSpico after activating Office 2021?

Yes, you can uninstall the KMSpico after the activation of Office 2021.

KMSpico does not activate my Office 2021?

You may have performed a wrong step during the activation process, therefore try activating again.

Is KMSpico Office 2021 legal?

If it is used for educational & testing purposes only then it is considered as legal otherwise, it is illegal as you are violating the rights of Microsoft.

The Bottom Line

In this post, I have told you about an activator program called as the “KMSpico Activator”. This program has the capability to activate the Microsoft products for free. Furthermore, I have discussed in this post how you can activate the Office 2021 for free using this software. All the steps are clearly explained in detail and at the end I have also answered some FAQs about this.

However, if you have any questions about this topic please ask them in the comment section or contact me HERE.

Thank you so much for visiting KMSpico Download ( ❤️


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