How To Activate Office 2019 For Free

How to Activate Office 2019 for free

If you are a user of Microsoft Office 2019 and you are looking for a way to activate it for free. Then the best way to do this is by using KMSpico.

Office 2019 is the one of the most used and really popular versions of the Microsoft Office. But, the software is not completely free. You have to buy a license key and enter it in order to activate it. But, not all the people can buy these license keys as they are really costly. Therefore, KMSpico which is an activator is used which can activate the Office for free.

Moreover, in this post, I will give you a complete tutorial about how you can activate MS Office 2019 using the KMSpico. All the steps that you have to perform are explained below in detail so read them carefully and activate your Office 2019 without any difficulty. Also, if your Windows are not activated as well then be kind and take a look at How to Activate Windows for Free.

Download KMSpico Office 2019 Activator

The basic and the first step is obviously downloading the KMSpico. Remember always to download it from a trusted source such as Also, is the official website for downloading this tool and it does not contain any viruses.

If you don’t have KMSpico,

you can download it from here

Disable Antivirus Software

Now, after downloading the software you have to disable your Windows Defender or any kind of antivirus program running on your computer.

To turn off the Windows Defender just :

  • Open the settings of your computer and go the “Privacy & Security”.
  • From there open “Windows Security”.
  • And turn off Virus and Threat Protection and its sub-settings.
  • also turn off all the other security option (just for precaution).

That’s it you have successfully turned off your Windows antivirus, now let’s move on to the next step.

Install KMSpico

After turning off the antivirus program you have to install the KMSpico to activate your Office. To install it all you have to do is to extract the RAR file and initiate the exe. Setup of KMSpico. The password for the KMSpico will be given in a text file present in the downloaded RAR file.

When you install the KMSpico it will give a notification saying that you are installing from an unknown source. Just click Allow install and you are done.

Start KMSpico and Activate Office 2019

Next step is to start the KMSpico activator tool nfrom the desktop shortcut or from the original installed location. After starting the tool look for a big red button labeled as “Activate Office”. Click the button to start the activaton of your Office 2019. It will take a few seconds and after that you will receive a notification saying “Microsoft Office 2019 is now activated”.

Restart Your Computer

After successful activation of Office 2019 restart your computer in order to make sure that it is permanently activated. This a really good practice as it enables the office to load all its premium features and activate it completely.

Re-enable Antivirus Software

After you have completed the activation of Office 2019 remember to turn on the previous disabled antivirus program of your computer. This will make sure no virus gets into your PC.

Well, Congrats! You now have an activated Office 2019. If you are thinking of upgrading to Office 2021 then feel free to do so. I have already updated a tutorial about the free activation of Office 2021 on

Frequently Asked Questions

Now, here are some FAQs about KMSpico & Office 2019 activation:

Will the KMSPico activate office 2019 permenatly?

Yes, it will activate Office 2019 permanently for free.

Is KMSPico office 2019 virus?

No, it is not a virus. It just activate Office 2019 for free.

Will my Office 2019 be still activated if I uninstall KMSpico?

No, uninstalling Kmspico can turn the Office 2019 back to the free trial version.

The Bottom Line

In this post I have clearly explained to you how to activate Office 2019 using KMSpico. All the steps are explained in detail and you will not face any problem while activating. Also, for your ease, I have answered some FAQs which can help you. Now, remember that I have uploaded all the articles about free activation of all versions of Office. Therefore, if someone you know is using a non-activated version of Office be kind enough to share my website ( with them.

But, still, if you still have any questions or problems you can ask them in the comment section.

Thanks for selecting our site (KMSpico Download) for your purpose of activation ❤️


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